Sunday, December 5, 2010

Menu Changes at Market Restaurant by Jean Georges,

will be implemented on December 06, 2010. We have been getting in a bunch of new organic products. Finally the local vegetable season is about to start. I also have recently been at the big apple:
“It was another great trip to New York. Tasting again the classics, but also the new creations at Jean Georges Vongerichten, Three Michelin Star crowned Restaurant in the Trump Tower… Visiting Jean Georges newest restaurants at the Mark Hotel, located at the Upper East Side, and the very popular “all organic food concept restaurant” ABC Kitchen, close to Union Square… Certainly the wonderful Perry Street Restaurant had to be a part of the whole experience again… “

Union Square Farmer's Market

ABC Kitchen

Roasted Carrot and Avocado Salad, Sour Cream, Seeds and Citrus

Grilled Pork Chops with Jalapeño Chili Paste and Green Vegetables

Check out the video "How to prepare the Jalapeño Chili Paste" - Charlotte Today Show

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BBQ Dinner at Breeze Restaurant

After exploring some of Carolinas BBQ joints, I was inspired to refine our Baja BBQ Menu. That special we are offering for a couple of nights at Breeze restaurant. Traditionally smoked and pulled pork, ribs and spice rubbed beef, but all in combination with our local ingredients, chilies and spices. Sean Considine, Pastry Chef, comes originally from North Carolina and was my main consulter for this project…

Passion fruit BBQ baby back ribs, chipotle BBQ pulled pork, chicken with orange and achiote marinade, turkey burgers, meat balls with tamarind BBQ, sichuan mole braised short ribs and many other delicious creations are available to try…

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mexican Wine

is a rapidly growing industry and not only highly demanded in Los Cabos. Tasting the wines of Baja California Norte was the main objective from my recent trip through the renown Valley of Guadalupe which lies between the picturesque mountains close to Ensenada. It was amazing to meet a couple of the enthusiastic winemakers and learn about their visionary concepts. Modern “New World” technology wine production, but also “Old World” methods are used by the local mix of mostly self-trained Mexican but also European, North and South American wine-maker's clan. Thanks to Rogelio Cortes from Baja Wines Cabo we could experience “this very special places and moments in time”.

Vinos Vena Cava - La Villa del Valle

Bodega Paralelo

Tasting with Daniel Lonnberg

Bodega Roganto - Rogelio & Antonio

Mariachis at Cantina Hussong's in Ensenada

Bodega Tres Valles - Tasting with Joaquin Prieto

Bodega Sinergi - Tasting with Jose Luis Durand

Lunch at LAJA

Bodega JC Bravo - Tasting with Juan Carlos Bravo

Bodega Adobe Guadalupe

Bodega Mogor Badan - Tasting with Natalia

Bodega Quinta Monasterio

Walking through the vineyards with Reynaldo Rodriguez

Bodega Viñas de Garza - Tasting with Amado Garza

Hugo d'Acosta's Escuelita - "Little Wine Making School"

Tasting with Hugo at the Wine Boutique "La Contra"

Natalia's Garden

Natalia's Grape Marmalade and me

Click here for the Red Wine Goulash with Poblano Chili and Grape Marmalade Recipe

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eat in New Zealand!

After driving through the beautiful landscape of the north and south islands, I have tasted quite a bit of New Zealand’s delightful range of food and wine. Besides the numerous fish & chips places and cafes all over the country, I also have discovered some little town restaurants and great trendy places in Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown, Dunedin & Christchurch. What I mostly like while looking through the menus was the inspirations from Asian, European and Polynesian cuisine and the philosophy of simplicity and not over handling the great New Zealand’s products.

Wellington, "Foxglove" Pacific Oysters & Snapper Sashimi

Wagyu Steak & Sauteed Bay Scallops with Bacon

Dunedin, Pork Belly Pizza & Lamb Bacon Egg

Auckland Fishmarket & Kawa Kawa Smoked Salmon

Christchurch, "MU Steakhouse"

New Zealand Coast

Sheep & Chicken

Waiwera Sparkling & Lamb Burger & Spy Valley Marlborough Chardonnay

New Zealand Wagyu Beef

Blenheim, Cloudy Bay

New Zealand Lamb

New Zealand Sheep Herding

Minx Cocktails

click here for more new zealand pictures

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Menu Changes at Breeze,

While everywhere else summer vegetables are disappearing when the season is over, in Los Cabos fall time means that many local "summer products" are going to be back on the market, as soon the temperatures are going to drop. Perfect timinig to come up with new ideas for some dishes. "Breeze" the casual pool restaurant, with its stunning view to the Sea of Cortez, offers a blend of mexican "antojitos" with a tropical touch and will be the first on the list to attack.

Sopes with chorizo are a Mexican classic!
I prepared them with local "baja chorizo", beans and cilantro. There is not much to improove to such a great "platillo", although I thought that it would be actually a great idea, instead of seasoning the dish with the famous last squirt of lime, taking the acid form passion fruit.
So I made a passion fruit - habanero salsa and I was really supprised about the balanced tropical touch and what great combination it is!
You think that sounds "loco"? Well, you have to try it your self! Recipe

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tamarind, one of my favorite ingredients,

is high in acid, sugar, vitamin B and calcium. Although that “bean pod” shaped fruit is indigenous to Africa, it was heavily introduced into tropical America, mainly Mexico, by either Portuguese or Spanish colonists, in the 16th century and it grows locally here in Los Cabos.

It is sold here in various snack forms, dried and salted; or candied. The famous "agua de tamarindo" beverage, iced fruit-bars and raspados all use it as the main ingredient. I love the explosive sweet and sour taste and combine these flavors with a great summer appetizer.

Salmon Sashimi, Tamarind Lollipop and Sesame Crumbs


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cooking on the Beach of Sea of Cortez

is one of the great things to do in Los Cabos summer time. After getting some local seafood and produce from the market and filling up the ice coolers with some chilled coronas and margaritas it was time to grill and chill. Shaking for a half hour over the bumpy off-road trails along the beach front upwards the baja peninsula and you can find some great ocean view spots were you can set up your cooking area. Since I love to eat “from dawn till dusk” I made three courses. The challenge was to make them light and tasty…

Octopus Paul Tostada with Cucumbers

Fish Tacos with Orange, Chili and Beans

Grilled Cactus-Apple and Peach Flambé

Monday, June 21, 2010

Los Cabos Tapas Contest 2010

For the second time 12 chefs from prestigious hotels and restaurants were creating gourmet mediterranean tapas “baja style” with local ingredients.
Either meat or seafood, together with organic fruits and vegetables from the region.

One&Only Palmilla was represented by sushi chef Yoshiaki Akaike and by Rodrigo Bueno from agua restaurant, who won the contest.

Being one of the judges, I was blown away by the flavors, cooking techniques and beautiful presentations of all the dishes, we got to try. Click here for the video!

Shortly after that event I was inspired to come up with my own little baja tapa creation.

A shrimp & bay scallop empanada with mango chutney and mexican vanilla.