Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mexican Wine

is a rapidly growing industry and not only highly demanded in Los Cabos. Tasting the wines of Baja California Norte was the main objective from my recent trip through the renown Valley of Guadalupe which lies between the picturesque mountains close to Ensenada. It was amazing to meet a couple of the enthusiastic winemakers and learn about their visionary concepts. Modern “New World” technology wine production, but also “Old World” methods are used by the local mix of mostly self-trained Mexican but also European, North and South American wine-maker's clan. Thanks to Rogelio Cortes from Baja Wines Cabo we could experience “this very special places and moments in time”.

Vinos Vena Cava - La Villa del Valle

Bodega Paralelo

Tasting with Daniel Lonnberg

Bodega Roganto - Rogelio & Antonio

Mariachis at Cantina Hussong's in Ensenada

Bodega Tres Valles - Tasting with Joaquin Prieto

Bodega Sinergi - Tasting with Jose Luis Durand

Lunch at LAJA

Bodega JC Bravo - Tasting with Juan Carlos Bravo

Bodega Adobe Guadalupe

Bodega Mogor Badan - Tasting with Natalia

Bodega Quinta Monasterio

Walking through the vineyards with Reynaldo Rodriguez

Bodega Viñas de Garza - Tasting with Amado Garza

Hugo d'Acosta's Escuelita - "Little Wine Making School"

Tasting with Hugo at the Wine Boutique "La Contra"

Natalia's Garden

Natalia's Grape Marmalade and me

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