Thursday, September 9, 2010

Menu Changes at Breeze,

While everywhere else summer vegetables are disappearing when the season is over, in Los Cabos fall time means that many local "summer products" are going to be back on the market, as soon the temperatures are going to drop. Perfect timinig to come up with new ideas for some dishes. "Breeze" the casual pool restaurant, with its stunning view to the Sea of Cortez, offers a blend of mexican "antojitos" with a tropical touch and will be the first on the list to attack.

Sopes with chorizo are a Mexican classic!
I prepared them with local "baja chorizo", beans and cilantro. There is not much to improove to such a great "platillo", although I thought that it would be actually a great idea, instead of seasoning the dish with the famous last squirt of lime, taking the acid form passion fruit.
So I made a passion fruit - habanero salsa and I was really supprised about the balanced tropical touch and what great combination it is!
You think that sounds "loco"? Well, you have to try it your self! Recipe