Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eat in New Zealand!

After driving through the beautiful landscape of the north and south islands, I have tasted quite a bit of New Zealand’s delightful range of food and wine. Besides the numerous fish & chips places and cafes all over the country, I also have discovered some little town restaurants and great trendy places in Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown, Dunedin & Christchurch. What I mostly like while looking through the menus was the inspirations from Asian, European and Polynesian cuisine and the philosophy of simplicity and not over handling the great New Zealand’s products.

Wellington, "Foxglove" Pacific Oysters & Snapper Sashimi

Wagyu Steak & Sauteed Bay Scallops with Bacon

Dunedin, Pork Belly Pizza & Lamb Bacon Egg

Auckland Fishmarket & Kawa Kawa Smoked Salmon

Christchurch, "MU Steakhouse"

New Zealand Coast

Sheep & Chicken

Waiwera Sparkling & Lamb Burger & Spy Valley Marlborough Chardonnay

New Zealand Wagyu Beef

Blenheim, Cloudy Bay

New Zealand Lamb

New Zealand Sheep Herding

Minx Cocktails

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