Monday, June 21, 2010

Los Cabos Tapas Contest 2010

For the second time 12 chefs from prestigious hotels and restaurants were creating gourmet mediterranean tapas “baja style” with local ingredients.
Either meat or seafood, together with organic fruits and vegetables from the region.

One&Only Palmilla was represented by sushi chef Yoshiaki Akaike and by Rodrigo Bueno from agua restaurant, who won the contest.

Being one of the judges, I was blown away by the flavors, cooking techniques and beautiful presentations of all the dishes, we got to try. Click here for the video!

Shortly after that event I was inspired to come up with my own little baja tapa creation.

A shrimp & bay scallop empanada with mango chutney and mexican vanilla.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gmunden, May 28th

The "Fiesta Mexicana" was a great opportunity for me and my team, pastry chef Sean Considine, my saucier Ignacio Gaxiola and my rotisseur Genadis Corrales to broadcast the new mexican cuisine in the gourmet palace Schlosshotel Freisitz Roith. Idyllic and lovely outdoor sitting hotel lies on the eastern shore of Lake Traun and offers a wonderful view over the shimmering lake and the green sapphire ceramic town of Gmunden. The michelin star crowned Chef Günther Maier organized this event and invited me to come. He usually blows his guests away with spanish mediterranean cuisine. Guenther Maier was my former chef and mentor and hereby I would like to thank him and his entire crew for having us.
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Graz, June 2nd

As part of the Gourmet Festival, club members had the unique opportunity to win their private dinner for 10, prepared by me at their own home.
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Gabelhofen, June 4th

Arriving to Schloss Hotel Gabelhofen, in the heart of Styria, set me back in time to the middle age. This beautiful perfectly equipped medieval castle has been stylish renovated and was a marvelous experience, especially for my mexican team. Manfred Vogl, Chef of the award winning restaurant and his entire staff were supporting us a lot with the elaboration of the wonderful six course menu. We prepared three courses each. It was a combination of local austrian and new mexican cuisine.
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Graz, June 5th

The Gala Dinner in the historical congress hall Graz was the finishing highlight of our culinary journey through Austria.
* New Mexican cuisine by ALEX THEIL (Palmilla, Mexico)
* Mallorcan star kitchen of MARC FOSH (Palma de Mallorca / Spain)
* Spectacular Russian cuisine by DAVID HEMMERLE (Moscow / Russia)
* Traditional Asian cuisine from top SHAUN ANTHONY (Shanghai / China)
* Famous French-American Cuisine by BRUNO DAVAILLON (Dallas / USA)
* Innovative cuisine of LASSE SKOV-LARSEN (Copenhagen / Denmark)
presented unforgettable culinary fireworks live and pure on the palate.

The organizer Jürgen Pichler rejoiced: "We had 1750 guests on five evenings in Styria. More than 45 styrian Chefs helped delightful the culinary ambassadors. Above all, Alex Theil impressed the "Gourmet Reise" team right from the beginning. He dragged incredible 40 kilograms of spices from his kitchen "Market by Jean Georges Vongerichten at the One & Only Palmilla" in Mexico's San Jose del Cabo”. The explanation of Chef Theil: "I will set you all on fire".
After all we convinced everybody with great austrian products and explosive mexican flavors that the mexican food is not only chili con carne.
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