Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mercado, Latin Inspired Market Cuisne in Vienna

Back into the Kitchen!

April 2014: It was about time...

Latin food, culture and vitality have changed my live, so my passion and my biggest goal became to bring it to my hometown Vienna and present it through my cooking, on its highest level possible. Kicking culinary ideas around, creating a network of Latin food vendors in Europe, experimenting with some Austrian seasonal ingredients (which are quite unusual for Latin dishes) and combining them with my favourite Latin recipes, was during 2013 on my daily schedule. The Adventure was about to start, after I have been introduced to Klaus Piber, who was still looking for a chef & partner for the reopening of Wini Brugger's and his former restaurant Indochine 21. With only Latino's in my kitchen team we opened Mercado, Latin Inspired Market Cuisine, in May 2014. 

Our official opening Party "Casual VIP Latin Lunch" had to wait until the End of September. We where excited to welcome some ambassadors of Latin Amarica, Actors like Kristina Sprenger, Michou Friesz, Natalie Alison und Iva Schell, die Sängerinnen Sandra Pires und Dorretta Carter, Pius Strobl, Uwe Kröger, Eva Steiner, Lidia Baich, Niko Fechter, Eva Pölzl, Gery Keszler, Nuriel Molcho, Elior Molcho, Maddalena Hirschal, Mike Galeli, Kathi Stumpf, Elke Winkens und Daniela Zeller.