Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Eat in Japan!

It took 16 days of traveling with Tokyo’s world class public transportation and a lot of walking to find all the to me recomended tiny restaurants, which brought me finally one step closer to understand more about Japanese food, traditions and history.

Tokyo – Tsukiji: World largest Fishmarket. Whatever lives in the sea, it’s probably there.
Mountains of octopus, rows of giant tuna, endless varieties of shellfish and tanks of live unnamable fish. About 2246 tonnes of fish, worth over 1.8 billion yen are sold here daily.

The best chicken ever I ate in tokyo and that has inspired me to come up with this dish which also has a little baja touch. how it’s done

Me, the master of the yakitori restaurant and his former apprentice Yoshiaki

At that tokyo's restaurant the menu is written on a sheet of wood daily.

Sakura mochi, a soft rice dumpling tinted cherry blossoms pink, filled with bean jam and wrapped in a cherry tree leave is a popular traditional spring cake in Japan.

Back at our kitchen in Los Cabos, “Suviche Restaurant” is one of our highlights.
We offer traditional Japanese & Mexican sea food (sushi&ceviche) and of course some sweets.
With the jamaica mochi we celebrate the mexican spring a little differnt. here is the recipe

Many thanks to Yoshiaki Akaike, our sushi chef, and his friends for guiding me through the city jungle.